Foreward: work by Hannah Doerksen and Kristen Neville Taylor
may, 2016

Installation View of Foreward

Kristen Neville Taylor, Latency Stage
basketball rims, paulownia dust, nag champa, charcoal, binder

Kristen Neville Taylor, Lucky Break
electroplated river stone, wishbone, cat whisker, wire, battery pack, plastic, and plywood

Hannah Doerksen, Solutions to the Problem of Staying Alive
wire, paper, tape, hardwood, pvc pipe, corrugated plastic, fake granite vinyl, LED striplight, styrofoam, plaster, spray paint, steel

Hannah Doerksen, I'll Be Eligible for Parole Come Valentines Day
wire, paper, tape, christmas lights, fake granite, vinyl, cardboard, tissue paper, reflective mylar, pony beads, flag pole, traffic cone, strobe light

Hannah Doerksen, Worn Out with Exhaustion by This Unending Chain of Experiments
wire, paper, tape, hardwood, styrofoam, digital projection and found objects

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