Join Philly Socialists at Pilot+Projects January 19th at 12-4pm for a seed planting party in preparation for Spring 2019 at César Andreu Iglesias Community Garden. We will provide seeds, soil and expertise for you to grow indoor plants during the winter, as well as materials for garden sign making.

César Andreu Iglesias Community Garden was built by Philly Socialists and community allies on tax delinquent vacant land at 425 Arlington St to bring joy and beauty to the neighborhood. It is an place for art, music, and gathering and features large-scale public art installations by Philadelphia artist Cesar Viveros. During the first of two community seed planting parties we will plant starters like parsley, celery, and onions, to be housed indoors during the winter months before being relocated to the garden in the spring.

Accessibility Information: Pilot Projects is located at 1719 N. 5th street. The gallery opens to the street in the front and has a large step in the front main entrance that can be difficult to climb, but there are multiple ways to enter (through the side or studio back door). There is a wheelchair ramp for the side entrance and the back entrance has no step up. There is a gender neutral bathroom in the gallery, and some seating is also available. Berks Station is 0.7 miles away from the site, and Bus No. 3 from Berks Station to 5th St and W. Berks St will take you only a block away from the site requiring 3 minutes of walk.




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