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As we trudge along in this global pandemic antisocial nightmare-hellscape, lost, scared, and learning to bake, a few things have become absurdly apparent:  

1.  The ever-increasing struggle of working class life has been precarious all along and is only becoming more so as gathering in physical spaces becomes a public health concern.

2.  The necessity for social interaction is something many of us have taken for granted and need more of as the world turns towards digital broadcast platforms for communication and comfort.

3.  Artists can and will adapt.

While artists and other arts workers are rightly considered “unessential” in this public health crisis, it’s important to keep in mind that unessential is not equal to being unimportant.  The art community will continue to be negatively impacted by labor, government, and public life on many unforeseen levels, but if there is anything that can be said about artists, it is that we are a resilient kind of people.  For us at Pilot+Projects as artists, educators, arts organizers, it has been our project to figure out how to immerse ourselves in digital modes of making, viewing, interacting, and creating opportunities for a distant public to gather to look, listen, discuss, and celebrate.  

With these thoughts in mind, Pilot-Projects is pleased to announce our next curatorial effort - PILOT+3D - an online exhibition space modeled on our physical venue and hosted in virtual reality.  Our team has meticulously modeled the dimensions of the exhibition space at 1719 N. 5th St. Philadelphia as a polygon mesh and will for the foreseeable future be putting together exhibitions in VR.  In an effort to mimic our common IRL programming model of solo, two, or three artist exhibitions that feature images, objects, and video, we are now soliciting these delivered as files in an open call.  We are seeking not objects but .OBJs, not images but .IMGs, not movies but .MOVs, not performances but Tele-Performative Interventions. 

Working with a game designer we are building a platform to host digitally native artworks that can be viewed and interacted with in 3D and VR in ways previously impossible in real life.  We are able to show static objects and images, as well as animate objects with physical properties unlike the physics of real life.  This gallery-as-game model will take advantage of a number of platforms including Unity 3D, WebGL, WebXR, Twitch, Zoom, The Sims, etc. to create exhibitions that are fun and social while addressing these contemporary concerns.

All works will be considered but special consideration will be given to works that are site specific, natively digital, interactive, or addressing contemporary concerns of post-quarantine art production and/or working-class issues of late stage capitalism.

We are now accepting all proposals on a rolling deadline.  The deadline for first round consideration is June 5, 2020 with the first exhibition to begin the week of June 7, 2020. 

Please visit the google form for the application, FAQ, other deadlines, and contact info. 





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